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ART, BT, CST, EM, EB, LD, LL, Qi Gong, Ohm, Ortho


CST assists your body decompress from structural twists, forces and trapped emotions related to trauma and injury from as early as birth to present.

Why? If you experience restricted range of movement, misalignment, dental trauma, ear ringing, aches or pain of the head, neck, back, pelvis or limbs, this non-invasive therapy can present valuable, permanent relief.


BT establishes a rapport with your innate wisdom to guide and prioritize action which may involve BT techniques and timely use of, or referral to, other effective therapies. BT facilitates increased body awareness and rebuilding of overloaded or broken down communication lines in the body which contribute to slow recovery.

Why? If you would benefit from faster recovery from injury, surgery, trauma, energy drain, toxins, parasites, the effects of aging, emotional situations, dysfunction, food intolerance and more.



EM like a tune up is therapeutic and preventative in nature. EM promotes emotional release by freeing up blockages. It creates opportunities for peaceful and abundant flow of balanced energy through the body's energy transaction system called Meridians.

Why? To facilitate emotional release. If you feel off balance, blocked, burdened, heavy or overly attached to events, mistaken obligations or circumstances. When you want to learn and rediscover your gifts and talents, to interact rather than react, heal rather than cope and move forward more peacefully.



LL is a hands on massage-like therapy done through the clothes. The focus is on straightening, smoothing and assisting the body to realign the tendons and ligaments, reposition turned or prolapsed organs and assist in releasing blocked energy. The body can resume natural range of movement and release pinched nerves in short order.

Why? If you have: Sports injuries, Tendonitis, Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Pinched Nerves, Heart Burn, PMS, Sciatica, Spurs, Digestive Difficulty, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Chronic Fatigue, Joints out of place, Headaches ... more.


Qi Gong is known to raise all levels of awareness, reduce stress, enhance energy and promote balance. Done regularly as an exercise, it is an ancient treasure of self-healing and empowerment.

Why? If maintaining youthful good health, or a return to it, is your goal. When you make health or endurance minded changes in diet, use herbs, supplements or medications, participate in demanding lifestyle activities or become involved in therapy - Qi Gong can enhance and bring greater balance to the result.


Energy Balancing (EB)

Acupressure & Reiki balancing address excessive high or low states of energy involving pain, erratic circulation, headaches, body pain, unprovoked sweats, tenderness, constipation and more. As required cupping or moxie is used.

Why? If you would like to learn and participate in the application of these ancient techniques proven by the test of time (related to your situation) to activate, balance and relieve many irregularities.


Advanced Rainbow Therapy™ (ART)

ART blends essential oils with body alignment and release techniques including Hawaiian Lomilomi and Vita Flex to promote total body-mind shifts. Its origin traces back to Egypt and can raise the vibratory frequency of your being for 7 to 10 days following the application.

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Why? If you feel unable to move forward, blocked, have difficulties changing seasons, develop virus related disturbances like shingles, have minor curves of the spine or Scoliosis, need a lift for your mood or would benefit from the inspiration its excellent grounding effect promotes; this immune system awakening technique can bring the comfort you seek.



LD promotes efficient transport of lymphatic fluid, healthy tissue, enhanced release of toxins, reduction of swelling and general well-being.

Photo by © Dana Lyons

Why? If you feel sluggish, have skin problems, are recovering from an injury or surgery,
before surgery (assists in clean cuts and excellent healing), stand for long periods of time, notice swelling of legs or limbs.


Earth Tone Sound /Energy Sessions (Ohm)

Ohm can be re-energizing in a fraction of the time it takes to have a good nights sleep. It promotes interaction, integration, resolution and release of phenomena (including DNA related) rooted deeply within your body mind.

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Why? When it is time to re-charge, relax or reduce the influence family history holds on your life. To lift the mystery and interact with previously hibernating strands of your DNA as they awaken. These sessions can resolve many sensory issues and keep you on track with re-integrating your DNA elements with confidence instead of confusion.

In combination with ART, LD Brain Work, Qi Gong, Guided Meditations and Intuitive Counselling you have a comprehensive package of DNA Access Methods here with us at A Journey to Harmony.

Is it time to integrate and reclaim our full potential?

Orthopedic Massage (Ortho) ...........Myofascial re-integration

Ortho can restore your range of movement, strength and diminish pain created by frozen shoulder, reduced reach or bone infill. Fascia cradles, supports and surrounds all of our bodies parts. (bones, muscles, organs and joints) Ortho is both restorative and rehabilitative to fascia.


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Why? When you notice difficulty: reaching, extending, laying flat or scratching your mid to upper back with ease. If you feel blocked or stopped in a sport or leisure activity resulting in reduced ability or participation in water, racket or club activities like swimming, tennis or golf. This modality can restore the freedom you once had and return you to the enjoyment of motion you deserve.

If you have been injured and did not undertake rigorous rehabilitation or none at all because "it would heal on its own".

It is not too late to recover and restore excellent strength and range of movement.

A great alternative to surgery.




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