Robert’s Health Care Well-ness Training

Learning never stops, and mine has involved a variety of venues including registered institutions, associations, learning centres, Masters of Qi Gong, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine and more. The training was provided in many formats, including formal classrooms, workshops, retreats, apprenticeships and instructor-specific briefings. Specialization required travel to the Hawaiian island of Maui, Mainland U.S.A. and Peru, as well as travel within Canada.

A short list of the facilitators include: The Upledger Institute Inc, World Natural Medicine Foundation, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, International BodyTalk Association, Traditional Hawaiian Healing Kumu - Helena Canfield & Advanced training with Kalua Kaiahua (well known Master Hawaiian Kahuna),The Center For Pain Management with James Waslaski, Reiki Master Bruce C. Moeng, and a variety of Energy Balancing specialists.

Throughout this process; clients, the ever changing environment and experiences have inspired me to update skills as required for the highest good. Both new and traditional techniques blend naturally within the therapy and courses I facilitate, as a Wholistic Practitioner.


Photo by © Robert Clark

In practice since 1995, I find that people are still our greatest resources.

We can work together in grace and balance, when the journey is in harmony.

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