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Beyond High School I followed briefly in my Fathers foot steps in his life long vocation of foundation testing. I grew up hearing all about his work so quickly took over his drilling position and ethics of efficiency during the two years. That freed him up to fully engage in his head of Southern Alberta Branch Management activities. My goal was to earn enough to establish myself and afford to invest in computer technology training.

Financially I was successful and gained a great appreciation for engineering buildings, bridges, road interchanges, the early C-train line, irrigation cannel's and why tunneling could be a great asset when traversing hills rather than open cut and fill tactics. I traveled all over Southern Alberta testing and even had a short stay in Fort McMurray studying overburden on top of the oil sands.

I enjoyed a rewarding career in the computer software industry through the 1980s to mid-1990s. The primary focus involved creating programs, supporting end-user productivity and working behind the scenes with system architects and graphical interface designers to provide database administration, data conversion and implementation strategies. I was also directly involved with staff and managers requiring transitional assistance and workload optimization strategies for parallel testing, benchmark analysis and the full spectrum of system tests necessary to bridge into mainstream production.

I spent many years as a consultant working 10- to 16- hour days, solving and implementing solutions to meet the urgent needs of financial and resource-based departments. It was an interesting challenge. The art was in keeping both the information technology perspective and the end-user group's interests in mind, so that everything rolled out smoothly at production time. Overall, it involved a lot of professional, creative and technical interactions with people who wanted or needed change and support.


Photo by © Carol Freeman

Before this time, my lifestyle had been physically exhilarating and out-in-nature. My passions included mountain touring, tennis, racquetball, biking, sky-diving, downhill skiing, hang gliding, swimming and glider pilot training. However, over time computer work took over so much of my life that I ended up spending almost all of my time breathing climate-controlled air inside high-rise buildings, and grabbing a quick something to eat when I remembered to think about it.

When I review that part of my life, I realize it was out of balance, and it caught up with me in the form of asthma, a weak constitution and considerable weight gain. The asthma was a result of environmental sensitivities involving exposure to smoke, dust and cat dander (all difficult to avoid completely) and was severe enough to require daily use of an inhaler.

Changing Course

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The messages to change my life kept coming. I sustained a diving injury that abruptly curtailed my ability to move, and was forced to take time off work. When I was able to begin working again, I could only work part-time which made me further question the road I was traveling on. My computer career and traditional Western health care were not enough for me any more.

After my diving injury, the surgeon's prognosis was less than 50 percent return to normal function. This was not acceptable to me. The surgeon then gave me the greatest gift of inspiration I have ever received: a suggestion to "pursue Oriental therapy to get the energy moving again." I had no idea what he meant at the time, but nature quickly provided the beginning of an answer.

I happened upon an unsolicited public announcement (which was very synchronistic, as I now understand there are no coincidences) about a Qi Gong course in Calgary, October of 1993. At that time I had never entertained the idea of studying any ancient healing art nor had I come in contact with anyone specifically doing Qi Gong. Attending the two-day event by myself, introduced me to Oriental Medicine and Qi Gong. This experience began my transformation from computer systems work, to specializing in the human dynamic of wholistic health care.

A Balanced Way of Living

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I began to absorb information about the human body-mind like a sponge, uncovering interests that combined well with my inner knowledge. Wisdom from deep within began to surface that spoke of peaceful, vibrant and balanced interactions within myself as well as with others. I could now let go of my passion for adrenaline-inducing sports that had helped me feel alive.

I made time for Qi Gong exercises to be a daily part of my life. With the balance, energy and clarity that came to me from practicing Qi Gong I continued pursuing wholistic therapy. My allergy symptoms quickly disappeared, my high blood pressure (diagnosed at age 19, long before any weight gain) came down to normal, and the healing of my injury accelerated. The strength, vitality and composure Qi Gong inspires has given me back an active lifestyle, a gift bringing tremendous freedom and grace into my life.

For me, the most amazing side effect of Qi Gong was that without any conscious effort on my part and without feeling deprived, I lost nearly all the weight I had gained since high school, in that first year of doing Qi Gong on a daily basis.




My career in health care has presented a number of mysterious situations that appeared to stand outside of my wellness training and awareness. There was none to refer to so I took on the task of learning to evaluate unseen forces and radiation coming from appliances, power lines and cellular towers to mention a few.

The result of discovery and experience evaluating these forces was an understanding that prompted my coining this work as "Electronic Feng Shui" in 2008. Over the years many clients and associates have enjoy this service and live better and happier for it.

As time and experience often opens new understanding, all of these endeavors brought me to the conclusion that is the bases of the original Wellness Philosophy - "it is better to live without unnecessary stress than to proceed unprepared requiring numerous interventions of medicine, surgery or rehabilitation".





It takes a good view of the big picture to make changes to reduce both
personal and environmental stress in your current location,
determine a new location that is better and select it or
to take the initiative to build one from a design or
from scratch that has all the low or no stress considerations lined up.

The skills and expertise to succeed in this endeavor may require the input and follow through of a

Life Systems Architect.



Working Together for Change and Healing

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HERE I am hosting an area on this website for clients, friends, colleagues and students to share their own stories of change. I believe that change is one of the few things we can count on in life. How we choose to experience the shift influences every feeling of challenge or joy that we derive from it.

As a Life Systems Architect, I believe we can work together with the Earth, technology and one another to bring peace and harmony back into our lives.

May your journey be filled with happiness, good health, prosperity and balance to bring harmony to your life!


Love and Light!
Robert Clark

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