LomiLomi Body Alignment
Art of Traditional Hawaiian Healing

The origin of this therapy is Hawaiian. There are many variations of Lomilomi. This form, called LomiLua, which when translated means "to make the body right" was taught by
Kalua Kaiahua, well known Master Hawaiian Kahuna.

Kalua was taught "laying on of hands" for healing by his blind aunt. She then said to him "if you want to know more, you go to God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding". Kalua's father was a Christian Minister and a traditional herbalist and his mother was a registered nurse.

Kalua's goal was to assist people in need and advance the Hawaiian healing arts. He learned to integrate this traditional Hawaiian body-mind therapy with Western medicine. Together with his inspired wisdom, humor and heart felt compassion he assisted clients for over 40 years. In more recent years he taught others to do this work. He always said that there are three forces at work in a session "the client, the practitioner and God". He believed that all three must do their part for healing to take place.

LomiLua is a gentle massage-like bodywork technique that brings alignment back to normal, organs back into place, releases pinched nerves and reduces swelling so the body can heal itself.

There is a reason for all symptoms of discomfort. Most often our body-mind produces opportunity and the symptom to draw attention to heaviness, baggage and a message that we need to slow down to listen for and become aware of. The distortions may appear minor in some cases but the energy and emotions contained at the site of discomfort can have significant and long term ramifications if not released. When we straighten out the underlying structure of tendons ligaments and release blockage the messages can come through and the weight begins to lift.

In most cases this therapy is done through the clothing and in acute situations can be provided every second day but normally weekly or bimonthly sessions are sufficient to inspire your healing momentum to continue.

This therapy is effective regardless of how long ago you might have begun feeling discomfort or reduced mobility. However said, if attention is given as soon as possible the pathological difficulties may be diminished and other side effects (or larger messages) can be avoided. Some of the side effects might be: hip problems related to a long term foot problem, neck problems due to a tailbone misalignment, numbness in the hand or fingers due to a shoulder or neck difficulty, having to hem your pants shorter on one side because one leg is longer than the other (which can be caused by a turned or raised stomach due to an accident, fall, fears, worry, anxiety or other reason).

This massage-like therapy is gentle but deeply felt and can be a catalyst to recovery from: Sports Injuries, Tendonitis, Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Pinched Nerves, Heart Burn, PMS, Sciatica, Spurs, Digestive Difficulty, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Chronic Fatigue, Joints out of place, Headaches ... and much more.

Drinking water after your session is important and enjoyable because we have a great source of natural spring water delivered to our Wellness Centre.

Training program available too.


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