Lymphatic Drainage

Is an excellent way to enhance your general state of health.

Why would we want to assist, increase or occasionally boost the flow and efficiency of our Lymphatic system?

- if you are feeling sluggish or have reduced range of movement,
- when you are cleansing and want to move debris more efficiently,
- if you are experiencing skin problems, lumps, cysts or fibroids,
- if you are recovering from an (injury or surgery) or preparing for surgery,
- to increase the health of the tissues in a local area and improve your ability to move wastes and toxins,
- when you're standing still too long in your day and notice swollen legs or limbs,
- to assist your body repair varicose veins and reduce bruises ...


There are a variety of methods known to assist the lymphatic systems function. Depending on the reason your inner wisdom brings it up for you, will determine the style or blend of styles that will be involved in your session.

This therapy is peaceful and relaxing to experience. Contact with the skin is light and often wave like. You can feel warm and rested like great times spent at the beach.

Essential oil may also be a catalyst included in the session to further enhance the harmony of your situation.

In addition to receiving the boost, it may be appropriate to instruct you in the use of an energetic way of prolonging or maintaining the higher lymphatic efficiencies this therapy promotes.

The Lymphatic system contains fluid (96% water) and nodes primarily used to flush, filter, transport and transform biological and foreign debris in the tissues of the body. Its secondary function is to bring factors to the site of an injury or dysfunction to enhance the body's local ability to restore health.

The superficial and deep flow of this fluid is essential throughout your body!!!

The lymphatic system is extensive, reaching out into almost every measure of the body. The pathways in many cases travel parallel to the blood arteries and veins. In a healthy person the pathways of the system are incredibly resilient (able to repair leaks or breakage in as few as 7-14 days).

When health is compromised by injury, consumption or environmental factors the self repair mechanism and routing of fluid become less efficient. The capabilities of the system can also be altered if all the lymph nodes are not intact or if the body has been subjected to strong or focused radiation.

Imagine or recall how uncomfortable it is when the city waste removal workers go on strike for even a short time. Think of the complex negotiations and efforts that would be involved if some of the workers (lymph nodes) were eliminated permanently. Garbage would have to be taken to places where pickup was still in effect!

In some cases the reduced ability to move fluid results in swelling of the affected part of the body or entire quadrants. Severe situations can become chronic and require life long assistance like bandages, custom clothing or even drainage pump sleeves.


The effect of lymphatic drainage can continue to be felt for 24 to 72 hours after the session. Some people report seeing more clearly or feeling light and many have better mobility of the neck or limbs.

This therapy is peaceful and relaxing to experience. The contact with the skin is light and wave like. You can feel rested and warm like great times spent at the beach.


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