The foundation of this therapy is the application of pure therapeutic strength essential oils.

The essential oils raise your "vibratory frequency" (or in other words your brilliance) to assist you with change and moving forward. This motivation is further complimented with bodywork techniques that assist you with: alignment, grounding, balance and release which inspire greater well-being. The process is so nurturing that you might feel as wonderful, as when you gaze upon a rainbow after a warm summer rain.

The recorded use of essential oils dates back to at least ancient Egyptian times and further. The quality of an oil is directly related to the original source, how the conditions of its preparation were controlled and how pure the end product remains when it gets to the person using it.

All essential oils are not created nor presented equally as the factors above indicate. There are guidelines and requirements that need to be followed to insure an oil is therapeutic quality and strength. Quality includes geographical location and yearly growing conditions. There are two sets of very highly regarded, rigorously enforced and monitored standards that are accepted in the global market to put your mind at ease. dÕTERRA "CPTG" and "EOBBD" Certification.

When an oil carries the EOBBD or CPTG designation you know that it is pure, contains all the constituents and micro constituents and will provide the highest quality of result known possible in the field. 10% or less of all oils submitted for these certifications are approved and given the EOBBD or CPTG designation.

When our staff and certified practitioners apply the Advanced Rainbow Therapy™ (ART), they use the best essential oils mentioned above, with care and techniques required to provide a truly moving experience. The elevation of your "vibratory frequency" or brilliance, can last for 7 to 10 days following the application to promote a total body-mind shift.

You might consider (ART) if -
you find yourself unable to move forward, feel blocked, have difficulties with changing seasons, develop virus related disturbances like shingles, have minor curves of the spine or scoliosis, need a lift for your mood, notice indications that your DNA is awakening within you, or would simply benefit from the inspiration this excellent experience promotes; this immune system awakening technique can bring the action and the comfort that you seek.

*Special bonus with (ART) - If you are aware of ... or notice indications that your DNA is awakening within you (things like: noticing some overlap of your senses ... colors have a feeling to them or some sounds include a color or sensation or a smell includes a feeling ... , or "you just seem different", less able to focus or are super focused, find your sleep patterns have changed or you rest more frequently ... ) (ART) is an technique that will assist you with accessing the knowledge inside you to embrace the integration with confidence and grace.

We suggest you choose a time of day when you will not have any heavy demands placed upon you after the session so you can fully enjoy the glow. Plan not to suntan within two days of your session and avoid over eating, consumption of: alcohol, caffeine or dairy products. Make sure that you are properly hydrated before and after the session as well. These suggestions will provide maximum results and enjoyment of the process.

When you are ready, most people from 8 years to 108 will enjoy the benefits of
the ART experience.

Drinking extra water in the 24 hours following the therapy is highly recommended.

Let's see if now is the right time for you.

Special Rainbow Meditations too.

Learn how to share the experience with others by reading further about our
ART Training program .



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