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Access to the right tools and resources is vital to achieving conclusions for
home and well-being in tune with Vibrant Living.

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Homes - Well-being - Practitioners - Interest or Self Development

Events INSPIRED by you.


Presentations for self, family and public.


Building – considerations (more to see or feel)

Harmony - how to restore it in your current space (examples to think about)

New sized living - through renovation or different site – (beyond simple choice)

Realize more of your needs - wants - dream for your home (ways to inspire it)

Learn about our Electronic Feng Shui – specialized detection and potential remediation (of unseen forces or radiation in and around your home)


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Qi Gong courses, workshops, practice, special events, retreats (overview)

Essential Oils - informative, fun and free (involving dÕTERRA products only)

SLEEP - better rest, balance and strength series (why it might be an issue for you)

Anger – Frustration (for groups why it might be worth a look), (for one-to-one exploring whether it might be time to get to the root and release it) the method for you

Discernment - Detachment - Forgiveness (for groups you can feel lighter), (one-to-one Learn and practice the method(s))

General Wellness use of (breath, water, grounding, Healing balls, Talking stick, movement, acupressure ...) to be proactive about your wellness

Deeper self discovery for what is best for you specifically: (for groups why it might be important, (one-to-one introduction to a very effective method)

Assess your specific need for a food, herb, supplement or medication regarding Quality, Quantity and Frequency (how often to be consumed) for the highest good (one-to-one in depth learning of the method)

Discovery News (accessed only by clients)

Tips, Remedies and Timely Thoughts (a variety of access methods)

Awareness Presentations (series, courses, workshops, events)

Techniques and Modalities (overview of why you might be interested in a specific method and the philosophy of how it works)

Meditation - why, how, when (it can work for you)

Rainbow events, training, awareness (what’s all the excitement about)

More to be described upon request.


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Presentations for professionals

For Practitioners established or new

Anatomy / Physiology (overview of what you will learn)

Lomilomi Body Alignment (philosophy and mini demonstrations)

Qi Gong courses, workshops (how it can enhance your practice)

(ART) Advanced Rainbow Therapy™ (a look at how it is done)

Awareness, Health and Longevity, self treatment for wellness (career enhancement)

Essential oil Uses (the top 10 for your maintenance and emergency needs)

Ongoing training, mentorship, reviews

Certifications in Lomilomi and (ART)


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Presentations for Public

Training for interest or self development

Qi Gong courses, workshops (what’s all the excitement about)

Anatomy / Physiology (what this knowledge could mean for you)

Lomilomi Body Alignment (philosophy and mini demonstrations)

(ART) Advanced Rainbow Therapy™ (a look at how it is done)

Essential oil Uses (the top 10 for your maintenance and emergency needs)

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Important message ...

Whether we look specifically to your well-being or evaluate a building, contents and environment,
the journey to realizing fulfillment of your needs and highest good is possible.
Lets focus together and find your way.

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